NOYORK!, By Blu @herfavcolor

NOYORK!, Blu 2011

[audio:|titles=12 M Y S U N S H I N E ( F E A T N I A A N D R E W S ) .]

Entertain an idea for a second: 6 degrees of musical separation.  If you look into all of the different mc's, vocalists, producers, musicians and dj's that contribute to an album, you can really expand your musical library and awareness. If you follow any/many of the artists in the album reviews here on or previously on, you will understand why I recommend NOYORK! by Blu. It's right up my alley and I would have written about it earlier, but it doesn't matter how late I am, as long as I make it there. Blu is a mc/producer from LA and the first time I heard of him was when he released a video featuring ScienZe and Versis from Open. The video is called TakingTheDayOff and the video is below.

[audio:|titles=09 T A G S ( F E A T E X I L E ) .]

NOYORK! is a collection of beyond creative tracks, abstract, smoked out, at times off kilter while remaining above the hip hop bar, lyrically and literally.  Blu is a MC and producer and his production is like a blend of Dilla and Madlib, and I don't throw those names around lightly.  I'm not familiar with the majority of the featured mc's and vocalists, but that's how I find my music anyway.  It's an opportunity to discover more music.

[audio:|titles=11 D O W N T O E A R T H ( F E A T D O N E L S M O K E S , D E F I N I T E M A S S & D U B B L E O H ) .]

Blu is as lyrically talented as he is musically.  His underground appeal remains true and he doesn't sound like he's creatively bound by anything.  I can't see Blu going mainstream though and that makes me respect his music that much more.  When you have someone like Blu, that makes music as a means of self expression and an art form to explore, I think you get the best music.  From what I understand, he's also interested in film, so he's a multifaceted artist that people should pay attention to.  His illusive websites won't make it easy for you, so if you like the music and/or videos you see here, make sure to bookmark them.  One more thing, there are other dope tracks on this album, but they were too big for me to upload.  So, make sure to check out the album!


Blu on Bandcamp