Divine ScienZe 2: The Wake Up Album @dopescienze @kingidivine @divinescienze

Divine ScienZe 2:  The Wake Up Album, Divine ScienZe, 2014

Maybe I'm biased because I was blessed enough to be involved with the making of "Hero", where Divine ScienZe rocked all of my tees for the video, I location scouted and "Enjoy Tonight" was filmed at my loft in Bed-Stuy, but it's a lot more likely that Divine ScienZe just creates dope hip hop music.  This is the second installment of the Divine ScienZe collaboration between the Brooklyn MC ScienZe and the talented dj/producer King I Divine from Atlanta/Queens.  The Wake Up Album brings more of that home grown, hip hop soul that people need and love.  Since the last installment, the hip hop scene has definitely taken a turn, but a few things that will never go out of style are intelligent lyricism and dope hip hop beats.  You'll get that from Divine ScienZe.

With featured artists like Chuuwee, Dom O. Briggs, the full Dopeleage crew, Fresh Daily, among others should spark interest of anybody that's even slightly plugged into the Brooklyn hip hop scene.  If this is the first time you're hearing about Divine ScienZe, check out the first post about their project giving the back story.  Stream it, download it, buy it.  


PS.......my favorite tracks are Easels featuring Sharmelle Hunte, The Coffee featuring Dom O. Briggs, The Pond feat. Alpha Memphis and No Chaser feat. Dopeleague.