Old by Danny Brown @xdannyxbrownx

It's safe to say that Old is the album I've been looking forward to the most in 2013.  An artist like Danny Brown, who is set to become a household name across the world didn't knock it out of the park (in my opinion) with Old, but he will with the next one.  Either way, I'm a fan (if that isn't apparent) and I still listen to the project to see if it just takes a bit time to adjust to it.

Old, is a dark album as you would expect from Brown, but there was something that's "comfortable"/"familiar" which is different from what I've come to expect from Danny Brown.  The unpredictable edge from XXX and The Hybrid is missing, but Old is filled with partying, Molly and strippers.  It's all part of the club underworld and a new direction in a sense for Brown.  This stuff happens and it's reality for some people, but it's not focused on his grind as an artist as much and doesn't focus on poverty as much as his other projects.  It automatically gives the project a different vibe.

[audio mp3="http://ra-nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Danny-Brown-Red-2-Go.mp3"][/audio] [audio mp3="http://ra-nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Danny-Brown-Handstand.mp3"][/audio]

Brown is clearly making his name more widely known in the hip hop industry too which is demonstrated by the features on the project, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, A$AP Rocky and Freddie Gibbs.  There's Top Dawg representatives in there, which brings a certain level of buzz.  Other than the featured artists, the production of Old is eclectic and non-directional, but Danny Brown's storytelling still makes it something for people to pay attention to lyrically.  After reading more about what his intention was for the project, it makes sense, but I think it may be either too cerebral or too straightforward for the average listener.  The jury is out on that one.  His appeal could be more widely accepted across the world though since he features Brittish artists like Scrufizzer, Charli XCX and Purity Ring.  Several tracks follow suit of "Radio Song" from XXX.  There are club songs and tracks geared for the radio and you can't get mad at him for wanting to make more money from music, but I think he still has more fire in him than Old shows.