Style Wars @JayElechanukah

Style Wars, Jay Electronica, 2008

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Other than arguably being the most influential hip hop/graf movie ever, Style Wars (Attack of the Clones) is also the title of a breakthrough album from Jay Electronica that dropped back in 2008. With this album, Jay Electronica defied the young tradition of New Orleans rappers with the slow drawl and lazy flow. Similar to Curren$y who came soon after, Jay Electronica greatly benefited from traveling with his lyrical talents. It makes sense because Jay Electronica's cerebral, spiritual and intellectual flow isn't synonymous with the stereotypical rapper from New Orleans and is more closely associated with cities like NYC, Chicago and Detroit.

[audio:|titles=07 07 - Get 'Em (Produced by Mr. Porte) feat. Guilty Simpson and Mr. Porte]

Style Wars is an album that hasn't left my mp3 player since I first heard of it in 2008. I could sit here and write about each track, but the point is to share the album with you and let you decide what tracks you like the most. I truly believe this album got Jay Electronica his deal with Roc Nation and it's well deserved because of the quality of the beats, remixes, concepts and lyrics. Jay Electronica proves he's a beast and in my opinion, the best Jay signed to Roc Nation (not including Jay Z because it's his label and his legacy has been established with more than one classic album).

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If you are a believer that hip hop died sometime in the mid/late 90's, this album stands as evidence that you are WRONG. Jay Electronica uses samples from Style Wars, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Good Times, Midnight Express, The Matrix and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.  The amount of quotable lyrics is infinite on this album and everyone should take notice.  Many people have acknowledged Jay Electronica as the beast he is and his long anticipated debut album with Roc Nation will drop sometime before I die.  But in the meantime, use Style Wars (Attack of the Clones) to remind you of what he is capable of.


RIP Kase 2 (King of Style)




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