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Viva La Hova, Jay Z/Coldplay/Mick Boogie/Terry Urban 2008 


Personally, I'm a sucker for albums like these.  Nasye Westobar, The Grey Album, Ode to Dilla, Elmatic, Ode to Illmatic are all albums I can think off the top of my head where artists successfully pull off an entire album paying homage to icons.  Terry Urban and Mick Boogie remixed Jay Z acapellas with Coldplay's music and a slew of guest producers to make a really unique mixtape that was originally released in 2008.  It's one of those albums I had sitting in my library waiting for me to make my way to it.  I finally did and there are a lot of tracks that are timeless because of the collaboration of artists and offer a unique perspective on Jay Z and Coldplay's well established musical legacy, respectively.


Full remix albums/mixtapes are a double edged swords because there are times when the chemistry works very well and it's something special.  Then there are other tracks where it seems forced because of the concept for the album or other reasons that just don't "feel right".  There may be some tracks on this album that I think are that way, but the number of special tracks well outweigh them.



Sit Down Man @dasracist

Sit Down Man, Das Racist, 2010

[audio:|titles=03. puerto rican cousins -prod. gordon voidwell and alex kestner, Das Racist - Sit Down, Man]

I can honestly say that there is not another group in the hip hop world like Das Racist. I caught a sample of their album, Sit Down Man last year and I bought it from their Bandcamp page that day. They provided some needed comic relief!  Das Racist makes you realize that sometimes hip hop takes itself too seriously, similar to Eminem early in his career.  It's spoof rap and while it's not something I listen to every day, it's hilarious!

Das Racist is a group from Brooklyn that consists of Himanshu Suri (aka Heems), Victor Vazquez (aka Kool A.D.) and their hype man Ashok Kondabolu (aka Dap).  They joke about racism in the spirit of the Daily Show and The Chappelle Show while show their skills at the same time. I listen to a lot of hip hop and I hope there are more artists out there like Das Racist to bring the creativity, fun, diversity and talent to hip hop. Their production is as solid as the lyrical skill and the versatility of their flow.  They have tracks produced by Sabzi, El-P, Diplo, Gordon Voidwell, Alex Kestner, Boi-1da, Kassa Overall, Teengirl Fantasy, Devo Springston, Tom Cruz, Keepaway, Chairlift, Sha-liek, Dame Grease, Like Magic, Dash Speaks, Das Racist, Mike Finito, Scoop Deville, Dapwell and Quincy Jones and Vijay Iyer.  lol!

For example, All Tan Everything (produced by Sabzi of Blue Scholars) uses a Jay-Z sample and turns it into a funny track about skin color. There is no way for under represented ethnicities to break into hip hop without making a connection to their culture. It's 10x worse when an artists fit a role as a sign of respect to the predominate hip hop culture (black). Hip hop culture is based on individual style that forces people to embrace their strengths and downfalls to wear them with pride.  Doing so earns respect and while actors have a place in the hip hop industry (mainstream and underground), their lifetime will more than likely be a short one and their respect is non-existent.

If I had to compare their style to other acts, I would say Eminem (for the comedic reasons above), MF Doom (abstract humor), Weird Al Yankovic and glimpses of Drake (because of their punchlines) but the rest is 100% Das Racist. They have lyrical abilities that mix old school and new school flows together.  They switch from old school, simplified down to southern tracks like Luv It Manyne.

[audio:|titles=08. luv it mayne (ft. fat tony & bo p) -prod. tom cruz, Das Racist - Sit Down, Man]



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