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As a newcomer to the authentic underground hip hop beat making scene, its always been a privilege for Jay to pay homage to those who came before him. Growing up in Brooklyn in the 90's heavily influenced his production style. Premo, Pete Rock, RZA and Large Pro, (etc) were always Jay's influences when it came to production. When he was a kid, his dad used to take him on trips to the legendary Fatbeats viynl shop to listen to records and also see all the influences there. As he got older, Jay discovered a guy by the name of Jay Dee a.k.a J Dilla, and from that day his sound of music changed. Dilla had all the elements of true hip hop all rolled into one sound. That was always Jay Sentine's biggest influence. In high school, he started making beats right away in the 9th grade, while still maintaining a steady skill for rhyming as well. When Jay started attending North Carolina Central University, he was fortunate enough to meet and spend time in the studio with 9th Wonder, several times. From that moment on, Jay Sentine had a pure and original structure for his sound

Jazz Illage Vol. 3:  RIP Fat Beats NYC, Jay Sentine, 2011

Jay Sentine dropped this album back in January of 2011.  Beat tapes and intrumental hip hop albums are common, especially since Dilla reinvented them.  Jay Sentine's album carries on that tradition with a skillfoul display of clean tracks that I would (and will) recommend to the mc's that I can contact.  At times, the trakcs are reminiscent of of Pete Rock's Soul Survivor series and at other times, the album brings me back to classic ATCQ (A Tribe Called Quest).

[audio:|titles=Jay Sentine - Jazz Illage Vol. 3- R.I.P. FatBeats, NYC - 11 Get Lonely Again]

Not too often do I randomly approach artists on Twitter and let them know I will be writing about the piece they introdcued me to.  In this case, I found myself listening to this album several times and I figured that it would be a great album to tell people about.  The more I listen to it, the more I like it.  Dusty soul samples, a little Rakim, jazz flute and a variety of creative samples make this beat tape/instrumental album unique, but still 100% hip hop.  At the end of the album, Jay Sentine adds lyrics to the already impressive collection of instrumental tracks.  It shows that he's a multi-talented artist to keep an eye on.

Coming this early fall, Jay Sentine is set to drop another album called The Sun God.  I was lucky enough to get a preview of the album and all I can tell you that Jazz Illage Vol. 3:  RIP Fat Beats NYC is no fluke.  The Sun God is an entertaining collection of tracks that I can relate to on several different levels.  I will save it for when the album drops.  If you're into instrumental hip hop/beat tapes, you won't be disappointed.  FYI, you can preview all of the tracks and download the album for free from his Bandcamp page under LINKS.  Also, you can hear previous projects by Jay Sentine there on the sidebar.  Jazz Illage Vo. 3: RIP FatBeats NYC has too many quality tracks to post.  So, make sure to check out the rest of the album on his BandCamp page.


[audio:|titles=Jay Sentine - Jazz Illage Vol. 3- R.I.P. FatBeats, NYC - 08 Ankhnaton]

[audio:|titles=Jay Sentine - Jazz Illage Vol. 3- R.I.P. FatBeats, NYC - 14 What Time It Iz]

[audio:|titles=Jay Sentine - Jazz Illage Vol. 3- R.I.P. FatBeats, NYC - 16 House Party(Bonus) Ft. Jay Sentine & Rob Locke]


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