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The Sender, Median, 2011

[audio:|titles=07 Fresh Breath, The Sender, Median 2011]

How I didn't catch onto the name Median before is a mystery to me.  He's affilliated with The Justice League, JAMLA, Phonte and Foregin Exchange. The funny part about me writing about Median at this point is that I really noticed him on The Wonder Years and Charity Starts At Home. My raving about his verses from those two albums led a friend on FB to comment about his album. So, I officially SLEPT on Median until now!  Regardless of time, I'm glad I found The Sender.

The first thing I noticed about Median is the quality of his voice. He has a clean quality and when combined with his extremely chill vibe, humble delivery and backpacker appeal, you have a winning recipe. Median is reminiscent of early 2000's backpacker hip hop and at the same time, I swear I heard Median on Foreign Exchange's first album, Connected. After a quick Wiki search, I saw tht Median was on 3 of the 17 tracks on Connected. To the sleepers, the fact that Median is only getting more recognition now probably means they think he's whack and won't give him a chance. Don't follow suit though. Median's high designed lyrics (and production) will clearly expose people that don't actually listen to lyrics.  It's like I dare you to not like this album!

[audio:|titles=09 Right On, The Sender, Median 2011]

One of the more amazing tracks is called Right On (above). 9th Wonder kills What's Goin On? by Marvin Gaye and turns it into a fresh/current nead nodder. Median attacks the beat right on top of the rythm and Halo follows it up with a funky verse to wrap it up. It's minimal hip hop combined with soul and history. In a way, Right On portrays hip hop in the best light possible, so the only thing people need to do is pay attention like a mural on a side street.  The Sender definitely marks Fall for me and so I share it with you.

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