RA-NYC Presents: "X" Now available at ra-nyc.com @rugzdbewler

RA-NYC Presents: "X", the latest promotional video from a series of short films. Rugz D Bewler, Sean Phazes and RA-NYC are working on the following installment of the series, which is a music video for Woosah off #BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), Rugz's latest project. The collaboration inspired the design of "X", just in time for Black History Month. "X" is dedicated to the living memory of Malcolm X and the spirit of collaboration.

This video skims the surface of the profound impact Malcolm X had on the US and pays homage to Harlem in the process by mixing in tracks from #BAMN, created by Rugz. Ronin teamed up with Moses Farmer (of The Laces Project) in the streets of NYC to show off the limited edition t-shirt design now available below in the RA-NYC online shop.  Download #BAMN by clicking here.

music: Rugz D Bewler (@rugzdbewler) speeches: Malcolm X subject/model: Moses Farmer (@TheLinBuyusPage) of the Laces Project (@JoinLacesNow) created by: Ronin of RA-NYC (@RA_NYC)

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