The Kids is the final track of BRTH A N8TN and was created by the Chicago native, Neak (prod. by Slot-A).  I made my way to Neak's music via JohnNY U. and I've been paying attention ever since.  Paura/Amore, Neak's upcoming album will be available sometime in 2013, but for the mean time, make sure to keep an eye on Neak for a single or a new video.  The Kids official music video just released yesterday, which shows/proves why the track was the perfect epic ending to THE compilation of summer 2013.   BRTH A N8TN





RA Presents: BRTH A N8TN


BRTH A N8TN is a nationwide compilation album for free download and features talented artists representing Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City.  This compilation was curated, produced and promoted by Ronin of RA.

Background:  January 2013  I was brainstorming summer promotional projects for RA and after listening to Soundbombing Vol II, I had the idea to put together a compilation album reminiscent of DJ Clue's The Professional, the Belly soundtrack, Soundbombing Vol. II, Tony Touch's The Piece Maker and Boot Camp Click's For the People.  I'm no DJ/turntablist, but the result is #BRTHAN8TN.  Enjoy!




Bad Habits (Renegades Trap Remix) Party PPL @neak_undefined @ReazyRenegade @brassknuckles1

Neak-Bad-Habits-animate-2 Bad Habits, Neak and Renegrades, 2013

The record was, first, released by The Renegades as a promo remix of Electronic/Dance Group Brass Knuckles record- "Bad Habits."  Then, Neak and The Renegades connected for a promo vocal remix; which he released today.  Check it out and link up!

Neak 'Undefined'



Thorned Roses, 2.13.12 @johnNY_UniteUs

O.I.S.D. member JohnNY U. in collaboration with RA-NYC presents his debut solo project Thorned Roses. A 20 track offering focused around the journey in search for beauty,peace, and tranquility amidst rivaling conditions. This promo video delves into the inspiration, sound and overall creative direction of  Thorned Roses. The project will be available for free download February 13th.