The Phipstape and B Sides: Phipstape

The Phipstape and B Sides: Phipstape, Nesby Phips, 2010

Quick question.....does it matter to you if this album was from 2010? How about 2009? Well, these albums, The Phipstape and B Sides: Phipstape by Nesby Phips are two albums that you should pick up. Nesby Phips' name first stuck to my brain when I saw the Creative Control video shot down on the pedestrian bridge that crosses the entrance into the Holland Tunnel (down in TriBeCa). The video is below and Ski Beatz produced the track.

BLUE AND GREEN from Creative Control on Vimeo.

After seeing the video, I started looking into where else I have heard Nesby Phips. Turns out that he was on "Prioritize" on Curren$y's Pilot Talk and I know there is another album but my concentration was broken by some short, rude woman that thinks it's a good idea to stand right in front of the train doors before they open. If you don't want to get hit by a train, don't stand on the tracks. I'm not angry, but some people in the MTA have no manners. Seriously. I write on the train and every now and then NYC life forces it's way into my writing like it's a Brooklyn-bound A train in rush hour.  Now that I was able to regather my thoughts, Curren$y and Nesby Phips also collaborated on "Mazaltov", a track that I featured from Curren$y's Smokee Robinson.

Nesby Phips is another talented MC from New Orleans. His accent is more noticeable than Curren$y's or Jay Electronica's accent, but both Curren$y and Jay Electronica are drastically different than Nesby Phips. Phips has a lazy drawl, quick tongue and a deliberate delivery but doesn't lack creativity or lyrical skill. He reps the Jets full time and it's obvious by one of the track names "Aircraft Carrier". His affiliations also show his Jets logo. Videos shot down in TriBeCa by Creative Control in front of DD172 should be enough, but it makes it's way into his lyrics too.  The Jets have unique lyrical styles, but the exact number of people that are part of "The Jets" is undefined.  I guess that leaves room to feel like they are one because there are a lot of people biting the Jets right now.  Most of them don't know about Nesby Phips though. I know because I asked one of the biggest biters and they said, "who?".  They didn't even know about Smokee Robinson.........

Curren$y ft. Nesby Phips: Prioritize (Beeper Bill) from Creative Control on Vimeo.

B Sides: Phipstape has a mix of classic east coast and dirty South tracks. I think it will help him appeal to a wider audience and not go pop at the same time. Since it's a mixtape, I can only identify producers if Phips throws a bone, its a signature sound or if I hear vocals like DJ Don Cannon. This album is the B side of a previous mixtape called The Phipstape where Phips collaborates with Curren$y, Tabi Bonney and features some great remixes. There are some solid tracks on The Phipstape too, so it's like a real, old school mixtape (for those that don't know about cassettes, sorry). Out of the two albums, I lean toward the B Sides: Phipstape because there are a few tracks at the end of The Phipstape that don't do it for me the way the other tracks do. Also, there are 25 tracks on The Phipstape and it is more likely that I'm not going to like all 25 (rather than the 10 tracks on B Sides: Phipstape). That's my 2 cents but I recommend both albums. Check them out and let me know if you agree or disagree. Or if you have these albums, let me know what you think about them or if you think I'm short bus, and why.

Top Tracks

The Phipstape Wave Race, Trampled, Top of the Money, Tweeter, Addictions, I'm Gone, Stuck, Golden Child, Mind Of...., Radio, Hip Hop Legend, Life, Inside, Still In

B Sides: The Phipstape Word to these Bo Jacksons, Aircraft Carrier, Early Bird, Real Playas (Toughen Up), Say My Name, Inside Lookin Out, Toughpills, The Avowal, Midnight Oil


Nesby Phips " Aircraft Carrier" from Rome & Perez on Vimeo.

Nesby Phips - Word To These Bo Jacksons (Prod. Ski Beatz) from Creative Control on Vimeo.


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