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When Skies Fall, ScienZe, 2011

[audio:http://ra-nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ScienZe-When-Skies-Fall-01-Above-The-Clouds.mp3|titles=ScienZe - When Skies Fall - 01 Above The Clouds]

First of all, take a second to really look at the album art!  Dope...if you ask me!  I listen to music when I draw and last night was the second time I listened to When Skies Fall from beginning to end.  I've had it for the past couple weeks and last night (Thursday, November 17), I finally had the full experience of the album.  That happens sometimes and I recommend everyone revisits an album that you didn't have a visceral reaction to the first time you heard it.  For me, I've been working on putting together a promo video for Sneaker Pimps NYC and I was completely wrapped up in that.  I finished the video during the day and that night, I made my way to When Skies Fall and started writing the following day.

[audio:http://ra-nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ScienZe-When-Skies-Fall-09-Fall-In-Roses-Feat.-Melodi-J..mp3|titles=ScienZe - When Skies Fall - 09 Fall In Roses (Feat. Melodi J.)]

The production is eclectic and ranges from moody, jazzy, electric, groove, boom bap and off tempo (Fall In Roses).  The track I just mentioned, Fall In Roses was produced by Jay Sentine, who I wrote about not too long ago here in The Come Up.  There are several songs on this album that I would recommend and one of them is called Song Amnesia feat. Asher Roth.  The other track I recommend is called All Stars feat. Chuwee, C Plus and Niachene.  I give major credit to an MC that knows how to select tracks and has a greater vision for the overall album.

If you don't know ScienZe's music, you will see why I think people need to pay attention based on When Skies Fall.  This blog doesn't pay the bills.  But, the music I surround myself with reflects on the RA-NYC as a brand.  I also don't write about music I don't connect to on some level.  Aside from all of that, this album shows growth and stands as another example of ScienZe's potential.  Solid production, solid featured mcs including JohnNY U (who you will be hearing more from soon), vocalists and solid lyricism makes When Skies Fall an album you should pay attention to.  To get some background on ScienZe's music, check out his links below and/or a previous album review I wrote about Her Favorite Subject.



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