Rhythm Roulette by @MassAppeal #hiphop #beats

Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal

For someone like me who just got a Akai MPC 500 for Christmas and considered hip hop to be part of who I am, a video series like Rhythm Roulette was something I appreciate for several reasons.  First, it's simple.  Blindfold a producer in a record store.  They pick 3 records at random to sample from to make a beat and they record the process.  That's beautiful.

A lot of people don't have any clue what goes into the music side of hip hop because they only hear the melody and the beats aren't performed live.  Some people don't even understand the lyrics either.  I had a conversation someone a while back had no idea that Homecoming (Graduation) by Kanye West was about Chicago...and she called herself a "hip hop head".  What people hear on the radio is one thing....Rhythm Roulette is something completely different.  They get well respected and talented hip hop producers to do what they do and document it.  It's honest, creative and real, which is what the hip hop that I like is all about.  Check out the full playlist above.