"Woosah" by Rugz D. Bewler @rugzdbewler @seanphazes @ra_nyc

"Woosah" by Rugz D. Bewler is the latest collaborative RA-NYC project directed by Sean Phazes. "Woosah" is Rugz's newest single from #BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). The second part of this collaboration is the limited edition t-shirt by RA-NYC called "X" which is now available below and in the RA-NYC online shop.

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125th St, Rugz, Phazes & RA-NYC

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"] Serving as a preview to an upcoming video collaboration project with Rugz D Bewler and Sean Phazes, here are some of the many photographs from behind the scenes.  I'm looking forward to it, so I'll make sure to keep you posted on when it drops.



Thorned Roses @JohnNY_UniteUs

Thorned Roses, JohnNY U. 2012

[audio:http://ra-nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/O.I.S.D.-Thorned-Roses-15-Lost-In-The-Shuffle.mp3|titles=O.I.S.D. - Thorned Roses - 15 Lost In The Shuffle]

Thorned Roses, JohnNY U., 2012

Thoughtful planning, consistent direction, strong lyrical ability, insightful storytelling and high quality musical production make Thorned Roses a perfect way for JohnNY U. to introduce himself to the hip hop world.  For full disclosure, I designed the album artwork and took the photograph for the back cover/tracklisting image.  Regardless of my involvement on the project, I think it's clear why I support JohnNY U. and his music.  When you listen, you'll understand.

JohnNY sports a humble, laid back and down to earth disposition that's ripe with his Brooklyn/Queens influences.  I knew this from working with JohnNY, but that doesn't always translate to the music for some artists.  Overall, I'm impressed by how well everything came together on the project.  Thorned Roses features production from Jay Sentine, The Stuyvesants, Apatight, Marink, Hubert Davis, Kids with Guns for School Bullies, Fathom 9, Jay 89, Aeon, ehT. Mills, HP tha Hybrid, 3rd Degree, Lord Quest, J. Monop, Drastic Measures and The Produce Section.  I know of several of these producers, but other than ScienZe, I have some research to do on the featured mc's/voalists.  Featured performers include:  Charlotte Mishell, Noah Caine, Candice "Goldie" Wood,  ScienZe, Sammie Aye, M@RV3LOUS, Alvietron, Hoz the Lyricist, Teresa Taylor, J.O., Khid 2Che, Dollar Coffee and Annetta Rose.

[audio:http://ra-nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/O.I.S.D.-Thorned-Roses-11-East-Riv-Illn.mp3|titles=O.I.S.D. - Thorned Roses - 11 East Riv 'Illn]

Since it dropped, I've been listening to Thorned Roses at least once a day.  There are 2o tracks and the album starts well and ends well.  Make sure to keep up on JohnNY U. here at ra-nyc.com.  Make sure to download the album by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Thorned Roses tracklist

Download Thorned Roses  by clicking here.



#ThornedRoses Available for Free Download!!!! @johnNY_UniteUs


O.I.S.D. member JohnNY U. in collaboration with RA-NYC presents his debut solo project Thorned Roses. A 20 track offering focused around the journey in search for beauty,peace, and tranquility amidst rivaling conditions. The promo video, directed and edited by Sean Phazes, delves into the inspiration, sound and overall creative direction of  Thorned Roses. The project is now available for free download at the O.I.S.D. Bandcamp page.