RA-NYC Presents: Before

I post progress photos of the projects I'm working on in real time, but I think seeing the process helps understand the result. I finished this drawing in November and it's one of a series I've been working on, but will start to show in the spring of 2012. All updates can be found here at ra-nyc.com or on Facebook/Twitter.







Sunday night, 1/22/2012, I saw the tag above on the A train and it triggered these two paintings.  Something caused the line of the marker to split into two different lines.  I really liked how the overlapping of the lines created depth in a way that wouldn't happen if it was a solid line.  Based on staring at this for 20 minutes, I started a painting Monday morning and I progressed to a point where I felt like it was done.  It didn't seem right to finish a painting in a day, but I finished it within a couple hours and I was amped.  Sometimes the hardest decision is when to stop, especially with paintings like these.

1/23/2012 pt. 1

Building from the momentum of the first painting, I decided to try another one.  The pictures don't show the final orientation because I rotated it several times while I worked on it.  I'm building up a series of paintings to show with my drawings this Spring and I have a place to show them.  There is no date/time yet, so check back to ra-nyc.com, RA-NYC on Facebook or Twitter for more details.

1/23/2012 pt. 2




Technicolor Dreams @seeoneart





On Saturday night, I stopped by See One's show at Brooklyn Oenology in Williamsburg,  BK.  I'm getting more familiar with See One's work after seeing him at Secret Wars and now in his solo show.  The work was definitely different than the other pieces I've seen and the colors and lines are both graphics, spatial and inspired by graffiti.  Here are a few photos from the event.

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Check See One out at seeoneart.com or @seeoneart