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Maurer United Architects

Dutch architecture is easily some of the most playful and experimental architecture in the world. In school, I developed a strong interest in graffiti and it's potential for aesthetic exploration in architecture and also it's relationship to the city as a constantly changing collection of art. This interest was fueled by a project I had in Doug Garafolo's studio at UIC, where we designed a skatepark in Grant Park. (to see my design for that studio, click here.)

Skateboarding, graffiti, architecture and urbanism all were my focus for around 5 months during school and it is something I'm still developing while I work on various media (architecture, graphic design, painting, drawing, clothing, etc). Maurer United Architects is a firm that is capable to do very modern, minimal and graphic architecture as many Dutch architects do, but MUA is experimental and free enough to work with graffiti artists and design skateparks, bowls and urban furniture. The project that really caught my eye was their work with ZEDZ, a graf artist (below). They're a firm I check up on regularly to see what their studio is working on.



"Woosah" by Rugz D. Bewler @rugzdbewler @seanphazes @ra_nyc

"Woosah" by Rugz D. Bewler is the latest collaborative RA-NYC project directed by Sean Phazes. "Woosah" is Rugz's newest single from #BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). The second part of this collaboration is the limited edition t-shirt by RA-NYC called "X" which is now available below and in the RA-NYC online shop. @rugzdbewler @seanphazes for A Common Good Film @ra_nyc




All We Have Is Culture


RA-NYC's first promo video simply highlights the art of film, skateboarding (Michael Rivas), music, New York City and of course RA-NYC's t-shirts.

As the first installment of RA-NYC's short films, it shows the potential of collaboration and cross marketing for mutual benefit.


Skateboarder- Michael Rivas

Editor/Director/Co-Producer- Sean Phazes

Co-Producer-  Ronin

Music:  John Coltrane