Dice Game @thatsimpsonguy @apollobrown

Dice Game, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson 2012


After first hearing a single (Nasty f. Planet Asia) released by Mello Music Group, I had a pretty good idea that Dice Game was going to be a strong album.  "Nasty" is a track where a gospel sample breaks the song and creates an unusual chorus.  It's one of the best tracks from the album, btw.  When I finally heard the full release, I realized it's so much better than I anticipated.  Guilty Simpson is easily one of my favorite mc's out today and Apollo Brown really put together a a diverse set of tracks.  An instrumental project I always keep around is Clouds (by Apollo Brown), so I'm not surprised by the high quality production. Apollo Brown was brave enough to sample Wu-Tang!  Not many producers do that and it doesn't feel like a hack job, by any means.  Chemistry and consistency was what I wondered about for Dice Game and ironically it's what makes it a must have.


Dice Game represents and idea that I've consistently believed to be true regarding production and the overall quality of any hip hop project. The fact that one producer is featured, Apollo Brown, makes it less likely to have multiple tracks with the same feel. The product is a collection of unique tracks with Guilty's signature grime all over it.  Too often albums are treated as a collection of singles and it makes for a weaker album from track to track.  However, Dice Game is a perfect example of how a clear vision creates a stronger and more creative project.