Do the Math......ONE Reason I Love #HipHop @freshdotdaily

I was cruising around Facebook and saw Fresh Daily post this.  I'm not big into re-posting ish, but this dope video breaks down lyrical styles in a way that I understand on a fundamental level, but I've never visualized before.  This is the type of lyrical skill that I'm drawn to.  Check through the blog and see for yourself.

Run The Jewels 3 @therealelp @killermike #hiphop #xmas #2016


Yes.  2016 sucked donkey scrotum on just about all ends, but music was not one of them.  There were a lot of dope projects that came out this year and Run The Jewels decided to quietly drop their new project, Run The Jewels 3 on Christmas proper.  I sat down at midnight to cruise around online and I saw that Run The Jewels dropped their project, and I accidentally came across it within 15 minutes of it dropping.  A Christmas Fucking Miracle......yes.  I said it.

Stay Gold is a dope banger that your grandma on percocet has come to love from Run The Jewels.  Bass heavy, dark, dope lyrics and flows is all you need to know.  Leading up to the release of the third project from this ground breaking vet duo, they collaborated on a track with DJ Shadow and posted a few loosies here and there, but here you go.  With features from Danny Brown, Trina, Boots and a few artists I have to do some more research on, the chemistry doesn't change drastically, but the music is so dope that it doesn't matter.  No videos to post yet, but here's the link to download it.


The Easy Truth @skyzoo @apollobrown #hiphop #2016

The Easy Truth

Skyzoo and Apollo Brown


As if he hasn't been one of the most prolific and consistent artists out of NYC in the past decade, Skyzoo teamed up with Apollo Brown from Detroit for this dope new project called The Easy Truth.

The vibe of the project overall is smooth and chill, but there definitely a few bangers mixed throughout the project.  It fits more along the lines of a classic 90's style album than the new normal of a collection of singles.  Probably because both Apollo Brown and Skyzoo are laser sharp artists that have vision.  One track leads to the next seamlessly and the consistently creative rhythms from Skyzoo jumps on and off the RPM's perfectly.

Skyzoo represents Brooklyn always and the Detroit soul works as perfectly as other collaborations like Slaughterhouse and Random Axe (RIP Sean Price).  Don't let lazy people convince you that hip hop is dead because these talented people keep it alive.


Noteworthy Classic v15 Let's Get Free by Dead Prez #hiphop #deadprez

For some crazy reason, I immediately started listening to this classic project after the election results became clearer.  Maybe it was the fact that it reminds me of how the system can easily be hijacked by a tyrant backed by sinister politicians or maybe it was the fact that uninformed racist ideology was the deciding factor in the election.  Or maybe it was the "coincidence" that Saturday Night Live featured Dave Chappelle and A Tribe Called Quest, which reminded me of how influential hip hop can be.

Dead Prez championed the street scholar, self educated, comfortably defiant, politically rebellious group from Florida (launched in Brooklyn) that shared their crystal clear vision on Let's Get Free.  True to lyrical thesis of Hip Hop, the ideas on this project are almost more poignant on the tracks that didn't reach the level of celebration as the cultural phenomenon Hip Hop did.  Check out the interview above and see how one project can focus on reality, reaching people, making music that reflects their lives, expresses anger, frustration, social issues, hustle, beauty and spirituality.

The lessons on this project are a big reason that hip hop was the educational balance I needed during college and grad school.  Eating healthy, self defense, seldom told history of black people, pride, beauty, spirituality, creativity and revolution are so critical for young people today and that's the reason that this project is important for everyone to hear.  If you don't have it or have only listened to Hip Hop and Mind Sex, make your way through the rest of the project.  For about 20 years, popular music has distracted people from perspectives that can open up their consciousness to current and historic issues.  This music can benefit people's lives and all I can do is thank artists like Dead Prez for their contributions to my life.